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Welcome to Team Essential Oils, The best essential oils team on the planet.

Welcome to my brainchild.

By way of introductions.  I’m a website developer, a digital & social media marketer.  My background and career have been primarily in insurance and financial services and I’m a self diagnosed Polymath.

I am a native of Utah.  My first 20 years were in a small town in Eastern Utah called Roosevelt.  My last thirty-something have been in the Utah Valley, which is 30 miles south of Salt Lake City.  Doterra International Headquarters are just a few short minutes drive away.

I am married with five terrific children.  They are all currently between middle school and college age.

I created this site because there are a lot of people that want to market and sell essential oils but don’t know where to begin.  Some want to find a person in their area to team up with and some want to find another person that speaks their language.

This website is a team website that will serve many purposes:

  • Help people build a team.
  • A place for essential oil marketers to get training.
  • A website that teaches members marketing methods.
  • A place to learn best practices.
  • A website to centralize information the best information on the web.
  • A website to collaborate effort for greater success.

As it turns out, there are are a few elements that I believe are important to a team success.  First, help people get started.  Show them the ropes, help them learn some elementary systems and basic marketing. Second, help them pay for their oils.  Help them earn enough money to pay for their oils either in part or full. Third, help them to learn how to use the oils and related products safely and effectively.  These objectives are all designed to increase retention and benefit from the sustained use of the products and to reap the benefits of building a long-lasting team organization.

Why put time, effort, money, resources and effort into multiple website properties to recruit

Steve and Lorna Miller
Steve and Lorna, getting our photo in front of the “UP” house.

a hand full of Wellness Advocates?  The answer is because I am not only recruiting for myself, but I am recruiting for members of my team.  I’m not just recruiting personally, but I am building an automated recruiting machine for myself and the people that end up joining my team.

So if you want to self-enroll now, online, you can go to and join my team today.  You will immediately receive an e-mail with your Doterra member ID number and can start building your dream today.

If you would prefer, you can just click the Join Now button.

Next articleAinge505 Steve Miller is a married father of five terrific kids. A native of Eastern Utah, but relocated to Utah Valley twenty something years ago. A business owner, website developer and digital marketer as well as a blogger. He's a self diagnosed polymath. Steve is a Wellness Advocate at Doterra and is working to build the best Essential Oils Team on the planet. Steve loves to ride his motorcycle which is a 1978 Kawazaki KZ 1000 that has less than 18,000 original miles. It was a heap of rust and dirt that he revived into what is affectionately known as The Shark Bike... He loves boating, snow skiing and just spending time with friends and family.